Bailey is a Guernsey Cow who came to us as a sick calf who had scoured. It took us a few weeks to get her over her sickness with vet treatments and a lot of tender love and care.

Bailey is now a very healthy and friendly cow. She loves to have her ears, neck and face massaged. Bailey loves to give kisses and she is a very gentle cow.


Sammy here is a big flirt and loves to show off especially for the ladies.

He has a broken leg so it is harder for him to get around but that doesn’t stop him from following you and giving his famous hugs while singing you his “peep peep” song.


Eeyore was starved and mistreated. Because of this, he has a thyroid problem but he is doing much better now!

Eeyore loves it when people come to visit him to give him carrots and apples.



This handsome guy is from North Dakota. Harney was attacked by a mountain lion and is lucky to be alive today! Traumatized by this he was deemed dangerous and non-trusting. 

Unable to rehabilitate him, the owners sent him to our farm. We have succeeded in curing him of his fears and he is no longer dangerous. He is very friendly and loves to perform tricks for a treat!


Severe malnutrition caused Hope’s entire system to crash. He had abscesses in his mouth that put a hole right through his jaw. Also, his feet were in bad condition which caused pain to walk.

We immediately administered a program of antibiotic shots. He was put on a specialized feeding program that he continues to receive daily.  Hope has come a long way in his recovery!


Charlie and he mate Sandy were left in a field to die. Charlie had a harness on him that was so tight it cut into his skin which caused infections and some of his teeth had to be removed. The llamas were very timid and it was hard to get close to them.

They have now gotten so comfortable with us that they greet you at the gate and take carrots held in your mouth!


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