Chickens & Roosters

We have a variety of white and brown chickens and 2 Roosters. Sometimes chicks are born at the farm, so many children will get the chance to meet and hold them. All our chickens can be handled and you may find that a chicken will roost on your head or shoulder if you allow her too. Rocky Red is one of our Roosters who enjoys cheek massages and will fall asleep in your arms with every massage.


We have a Guernsey Cow and her name is Bailey. Bailey came to us as a sick calf, who had scoured. It took us a few weeks to get her over her sickness with vet treatments and a lot of tender loving care.  Bailey is now a very healthy cow. She loves to have her ears, neck and face massaged. Bailey loves to give kisses. She is a very gentle cow.


We have two donkeys. Eeyore and Mr. Jackson.

Both donkeys are Christmas donkeys and have a cross on their backs. Mr. Jackson loves to give hugs to all the visitors. When we clean out his pen he continues to give Barry hugs while he is working. Eeyore is a miniature donkey.  He had been rescued by someone in our community and was brought to us. We are unaware of his history, but at some time in his life, he had been starved which had caused thyroid issues. He came to the farm with Rascal the Goat and Cloud the miniature horse. Cloud and Eeyore share a stall and love to play together. They are best friends. Eeyore and Cloud love to wrestle and play with sticks together. They also like to take off each other’s halters and burry them.

Minature Horse

Cloud is a miniature stallion and is the proud father of Nova. When he came to us, he had a twisted hoof. He is under the care of our farrier, who comes and trims and balances his hooves every six weeks. He is quite feisty and breaks down many fence boards to visit with his ladies. Ginger is his girlfriend and they are the proud parents of Nova. We presently have 4 miniature horse. Their names are Ginger, Chantilly Lace, Nova and Cloud. Ginger is the mommy to Chantilly Lace and Nova.


We have two goats.

Rascal is quite humorous to watch. He will climb along his fence, tear apart his outside enclosure as well as his roof. We call him the Houdini goat, because he can escape out of anything.

Jack goats that came to us in 2016. We call Jack the smiling goat. He will stand at his door and give you a big smile for a treat of bread, carrots, apples and bananas. He is a very loving goat and enjoys his pets and hugs.


We have two large horses, Hope and Harney.

Harney is a registered paint, approx… 17 hands. Harney came to us for North Dakota and had suffered a mountain lion attach at age two. He also suffered a serious accident while drawing a carriage. This trauma caused Harney to be unreliable, but with continued training and love and care from visitors and staff, he has responded positively. When you visit, ask Harney to give you a bow.

Hope – Is a standard bred. He came to us in 2016. He had serious health issues and was near death. He was seriously underweight and his systems had collapsed and was unable to absorb nutrients. He had an abscess in his jaw that blew a hole through his flesh. His hoofs were in such bad shape. They were split and cracked so badly that he could hardly stand without pain. We immediately had him vet checked and put him on an anti-biotic needle program every day for three weeks to heal the abscess. Then with the help of an equine nutritionist, we had a special diet formulated to help with the weight loss. He receives this special food two times daily. The farrier trimmed his hoofs every six weeks and now are in great shape. Hope is progressing well and becoming stronger each day. If you ask Hope if he wants a carrot, he will nod his head to say “yes”.


We have a variety of ducks which include Peking, Muscovy and a Teal Duck. Our Muscovy ducks are trained to jump like a kangaroo. They love to do tricks for treats for your enjoyment. Tommy the Teal Duck stays with his best friend Snowball the white bunny. They like to share carrots together. Tommy likes to ride on Snowballs back. Snowball cuddles him in the winter to keep him warm. They are inseparable.

Canada Goose

Skeeter came to us in 2014 as a little brown and yellow duckling. He had a broken wing and leg. We could repair the leg, but the wing was too badly damaged. Skeeter to our surprise turned out to be a Canada Goose. He is quite friendly and loves to untie your shoe laces. He loves to be hand fed grass. Skeeter will also flap his wings to show how handsome he is. He follows the visitors around the farm. His favorite friend is Harney the Horse. When no one is around he hangs out with Harney all day.


Sammy the turkey came to us with a broken leg. He walks with a slight limp but manages to get around the farm. Sammy is quite unusual. He loves to sit on your lap and put his head on your shoulder and sing in your ear. He is quite friendly. He will fluff up his feathers and strut. He will drop his wing and give you a hug. He changes his face to blue and red. Make sure when you visit “ask Sammy for a hug”.


We have 4 Pot Belly pigs. Their names are Charlotte, Ruby, Dawn & Delilah. They are all quite unique. Dawn and Delilah are trained jumping pigs, Ruby loves to rub up against you and give you a pig hug.  and Charlotte love belly rubs. Every day we make them a hot oatmeal cereal with chop and fruit for breakfast. At dinner, they eat mini pellet foods. Their favorite treats are bread, carrots, peaches, apples, pears and grapes.